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Assessment of the patient’s nutritional needs for oral supplements / nourishing fluids is carried out by the Dietitian assigned to the word. Upon assessment of the patient’s requirements the Dietitian will recommend suitable formula of modular formula. The word sister / nurse will indent formula using indent book for “Formula Minuman dan Makanan Tambahan” which is available in every word. Upon Dietetic assessment and approval by Dietitian in-charge in Dietetic Unit, Dietitian will arrange provision to the word supplies normally for 2-3 days at one time, and delivered to the ward via word attendant identified by patient name.

Dietitian will document the details of nutrition care plan in the case notes and dietitian’s notes. Review include nutrition monitoring and evaluation of the patient for education about diet (formula tolerance of modified diet, alterations etc.

Oral supplements are available as pre-prepared form the also known as ‘nourishing fluids’ which include Ensure, Enercal Plus, Pediasure, Pulmocare, Glucerna / Nutren Diabetic, etc. and modular formula as Carborie, Myotein, MCT (enersos) etc.

If digestion and / or absorption of fluid is abnormal, for example, as it may be in the case of Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, then an elemental formula is required (but please remember; due to the pre digested nature of he protein component – these products are generally not well accepted when given orally)