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The Hospital Diet Manual has been prepared for use by Hospital staff concerned with the provision of food to patients. The provision of appropriate range of nutritious food to patients is of importance to all staff, particularly to:

  1. Medical staff who anticipate that their patients will receive a balance intake whether it is a general or therapeutic Diet.
  2. Nursing staff is who supervise meal and beverage distribution and relay information about patients’ requirements.
  • Catering staff is who prepare, cook and serve meals and other nourishments for patient.
  1. Dietitians who liaise with other staff about patients’ requirements and for ensuring that the nutritional requirements of all inpatients are provided.

This manual contains the range of most commonly requested Therapeutic Diets, their composition and the general principles for their use. This information is intended as a guidelines and not a rigid schedule as each patients has individual needs. Upon referral the Dietitians will assess, determine these needs and formulate on individual meal plan. The Dietitians also provide nutrition education to patients during their admission or an appointment in the Out-Patients Clinic.

This HUSM Diet Manual will covered The Procedures for ordering of Therapeutic Diets, Enteral Feeds and Nutritional Supplements have been included. The section on nutritional assessment has been extended to highlight the relevance of assessing and meeting the nutritional needs of all patients.

It is hoped these nutrition notes will be useful as a reference guide to all these involved in the management and care of patients.

Prepared by the members of the Unit of Nutrition and Dietetics, Hospital Universiti Sains of Malaysia.

@copyright February 2011

  1. Zulkifli Awang

Deputy Director (Nutrition & Dietetics)