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Servis Forensic

Post Mortem
Hospital USM Forensic Unit provides procedures for conducting the autopsy. Autopsy on the body is done by the pathologist and divided into two categories which are medico legal and clinical cases. We only accept brought in death (BID) cases such as motor vehicle accident and did not perform an autopsy on high profile cases such as rape, murder and others.
Bathing and Shroud
We did not provide bathing and shroud services, however we can provide a place for outsiders to perform bathing and shroud for Muslim body.
Embalming is the preservation process of the body before we export abroad. It is done by Assistant Medical Officer and Attendants after got approval from Forensic Pathologist.
Based on hospital USM policies, we provide transportation service to deliver body which is for Kelantan areas only includes Gua  Musang and Setiu area. However, for delivery body out of Kelantan state they have to fend for private transportation services or NGO.

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