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Forensic Unit of Hospital USM was formerly known as the Mortuary, Hospital USM.  In 2013 the mortuary was instated as Unit Forensic HUSM as its function is not just a mere transit place for the deceased prior to discharged from the hospital. The function of the unit has expended over the period of many years.

The units has expanded its services by performing more and more post mortem cases either medico legal or clinical post mortems. The unit at times involving itself with forensic cases, even though it is quite rare. If such cases ever knocking on the door of the unit is always in good collaboration with Forensics Unit of HRPZ II. The unit is on the ground floor, located near to the phase II block of the main hospital building.  There are 3 pathologists and 6 supporting officers, running the unit.

Although the unit is under direct management of the hospital, Department of Pathology has a major role in its development and transformation.  Throughout   the years, the unit has evolved to become a stronger unit than before. It complies with the ISO 9001:2008 Hospital USM.

The Forensic Unit is facilitated with two main autopsy theaters, fifteen body freezers, a storage room and a consulting room.  It is also equipped with area that can accommodate any major disaster incidents.  The unit provides a 24-hour-service, however autopsy cases are only conducted between 7.00 am until 10.00 pm.  Apart from autopsy, this forensic unit provides services for body storage, arrangement for body handling rituals (prior burial), transportation of the deceased to the family home, and the documentations relating to the burial and death registration.  In addition to these services, the forensic unit is now actively conducting seminars and workshops in order to increase the awareness of the general work and function of a forensic unit.  This unit is also a training center for the USM Master of Pathology students as well as undergraduate students for their elective attachments.

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