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Quality Objective & Quality Indicator


Quality Objective Monitoring Transfusion Medicine Unit MS ISO 9001:2015 HUSM

No Quality Objective

At least 80% of laboratories achieve their rejection rate according to their quality indicator

2 At least 80% of complaints are attended with corrective actions taken within 2 months
3 At least 80% of participations in proficiency testing are satisfactory for all accredited scope
4 At least one awareness programme on the quality system conducted at department level in a year


Quality Indicator Monitoring Transfusion Medicine Unit MS ISO 9001:2015 HUSM

No Process Quality Indicator
1 Pre-examination

The percentage of rejection of samples that are not registered in MyTransfusi must be less than 5% of the total laboratory test applications

2 Examination

All blood applications that give a negative Group Screen and Hold (GSH) test result can be supplied within 15 minutes

3 Post- examination

CT Blood transfusion supply ratio must be less than 2.5


Ensure no blood transfusion errors: 0% Transfusion Error


Ensure that blood and blood components released to customers are negative for screening tests for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis


Ensure that the CD34 test is completed within 4 hours after receipt of the sample

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