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Good nutrition plays an important role in facilitating recovery from illness, recuperation after surgery, and helping people cope with the rigors of specialized treatment such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Good nutrition is also critical for boosting immune systems weakened by such events while helping to reduce the risk of old and new diseases recurring.

As part of their responsibility of providing quality healthcare, hospitals are expected to emphasize proper nutrition for their patients. Their responsibility is usually entrusted to the dietitians whose daily challenges include ensuring diet quality, nutritional adequacy, food consistency as well as food service standards in hospitals.

Given the enormity of the task of catering to a multitude of patients- many of whom have highly specifics needs- the development of this HUSM Diet Manual comes as a most timely and welcome aid. The guide offers a proven system of standardizing and monitoring the provision of food in hospitals. As such, I believe it will complement existing efforts to ensure the optimal nutrition of patients.

I heartily congratulate Nutrition and Dietetic Unit and thank all the hospital staff and dietitians whose support has inspired our effort to contribute meaningfully to the care of patients

Dato’ Dr. Zaidun Kamari

Director of Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

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