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One of the latest do at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is through the establishment of the Breast Cancer Resource Center at the USM Hospital (HUSM) Health Campus which can help provide information and help the public.

According to the Director of USM Health Campus, Dato 'Dr. Mafauzy Mohamed, the establishment of the Breast Cancer Resource Center at HUSM is a very appropriate step as it is the first resource center of its kind on the East Coast. "It is hoped that the activities carried out here will benefit the public, especially promoting awareness and early detection of breast cancer symptoms so that follow-up measures can be taken before it is too late," said Mafauzy, who represented the USM Vice Chancellor, officiating the center.

The first HUSM Breast Cancer Resource Center in the East Coast of Malaysia was established in collaboration with a leading cosmetics company AVON. AVON has provided USD100 funds, to HUSM since 2010 used to set up this Breast Cancer Resource Center providing medical equipment including the purchase of Mammogram machines, Biopsy Testing Systems and others. The selection of HUSM as the first Breast Cancer Resource Center of its kind in the East Coast based on the capabilities and potential of HUSM mammography services as well as its function as a teaching hospital.

The Radiology Department of HUSM also has trained specialists for digital mammography examinations. "The joint venture with AVON, which is very concerned with the well-being of women through the concept of 'caring for bottom billion', is expected to increase women's awareness of the dangers of breast cancer," added Mafauzy. Meanwhile, HUSM Director Dr. Zaidun Kamari, said the HUSM Mammography Service started in 2001 showed an increase in patients from 141 to 481 in 2008.

Also present during the inauguration was Hj. Mansoor Wan Abdullah, President of AVON Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At the same ceremony, he also presented an additional contribution of RM10, 000.00 to HUSM to further equip the Breast Cancer Resource Center with reading materials and so on.

In mid-2017, the name PS1 was changed to Breast Cancer Awareness and Research Unit (BestARi). The objective of the establishment of BestARi is to expand services to customers with breast problems globally, to become a center for breast-related research and to create a more scientific and systematic database in line with the vision and mission of USM. In addition BestARi was established to raise public awareness about breast health through education and publications.


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